I’m usually gushing over Zac Posen, but after tonight, I’m afraid I may have gotten my hopes up.  While there were some pieces I loved  and the construction was AMAZING as you would expect, this was not my favorite Posen collection.

This collection was a first for me though– a model fell on her face while strutting the runway!!! Oh the HORROR!  Luckily Sean John/Combs (or whatever his name is now) was in the front row to lend her a hand! My heart broke for her!

I really feel like this collection was a step backward for Zac Posen! He has done a great job expanding his brand over the past few years, so it is just a shame that there were so few wearable pieces in his collection. There is no doubt the gowns will always be the draw, but it would be nice for him translate that success into day wear. And was it just me or did they make up all the models to look like ‘Katinka’ from Zoolander (Milla Jovovich’s character)?  Sigh… don’t worry Zac, I still love you! 

Looks From The Fall 2008 Collection:
Photos via Coutorture/Layouts By Platinum Blonde Life

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