Wild and Wolf collaborated with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to produce a range of home and garden tools in three classic prints; Cray, Anemone & Daisy by William Morris who is synonymous with the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Victorian era. The project resulted in some of the prettiest hammers, tape measures, trowels, flashlights, and watering cans I’ve ever seen.


{top} wild & wolf trowel $14.50;wild & wolf watering can – daisy $49; wild & wolf tool kit – daisy $30; @ Doe.

{middle} wild & wolf garden tool kit – annie $30; wild & wolf pretty useful things home kit in annie $24; wild & wolf pruners – annie $24; @ Doe.

{bottom} wild & wolf vacuum flask – daisy $26; wild & wolf watter bottle – anemone $15; wild & wolf vacuum flask – cray $26; @ Doe.

Browse the entire Wild & Wolf V&A collection here.

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