Whitney Port is arguably the most stylish cast member of the Hills. While mini dresses & skinny jeans are the standard Hills uniform, Whitney always manages to outshine her cast members at least from a style perspective. Here are a few of my favorite looks the leggy blonde has been photographed in over the years…


Given that Whitney’s other cast members Heidi & Lauren have fashion lines, it wasn’t at all surprising that Whitney chose to drift away from her work in styling in order to try her hand at designing. What is surprising, however, is that “Eve & A” so much better than the Lauren Conrad collection! Okay, so maybe it isn’t that surprising, I mean Whitney is using a fabric other than jersey after all!!! All comparisons aside, I really like what I’ve seen so far from Whitney Port. These frocks are certainly nothing to turn your nose up at! In fact, they all look like something Whitney would wear herself. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing Whitney wear looks from “Eve & A” in her new spin-off!

Looks from Whitney’s “Eve & A” collection:

{top} Ozark Sleeve Backless Dress $484 @ Revolve Clothing; Clear Springs Ruffle Silk Dress in Blue $275 @ Revolve Clothing; Dorrington Lace Ruffle Chiffon Dress in Charcoal/Blue $440 @ Revolve Clothing; Barrington Ruff Zip Tank in Navy $242 @ Revolve Clothing;

{bottom} Grey Encino Ruffle Collar Dress $345 @ Kitson; Brentwood Black Chiffon Skirt in Black $198 @ Revolve Clothing; Barry Skirt Wool in 2 Lengths in Plum $220 @ Revolve Clothing;

1 Comment on Whitney Port’s New Line Eve & A

  1. Zahra
    October 15, 2008 at 5:33 am (9 years ago)

    She certainly is stylish but her line is overpriced.