i know earth shattering isn’t it? everyone keeps talking about how she only had one margarita, please the girl weighs like 2 pounds!!!
(photos from last night via
people.com & perez )

paris hilton was arrested early this morning in Hollywood for driving under the influence. apparently the LAPD stopped her in her Mercedes McLaren SLR at 12:31 AM after some crazy driving. She was given a field sobriety test, and a breathalizer…she blew a .08, the minimum level for a DUI in California.

nicky hilton, kevin connolly, and paris’s publicist elliot mintz picked her up just before 2 am. videos of nicky picking her up & paris arriving home & with mintz are available on TMZ.com. i found it funny that she was checking her hair before she pulled up in the drive.

anyway, it is just a funny occurance, not at all shocking.

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