spring is officially here, and although it doesn’t feel like it, i’m excited about the prospects of warm weather. i am beyond exhausted and desperate for a nap (and i NEVER take naps). i stayed up entirely too late last night playing with my new pet, a macbook, that i finally purchased last night. i was overdue for a new computer, but i kept waiting for the next best thing, but there is always something better out there when it comes to technology, and i was behind the times. i had my ibook for 4 beautiful years–the thing had every add on & upgrade known to man, but it was maxed out and no longer could keep up with the times (for my purposes anyways). apple’s migration asst. makes life so much easier when setting up a new computer, so i thank apple for that, but my wallet has suffered. thanks to buss buss i know where to look for afforable spring skirts…my answer is skirt spot. the skirts are priced in the $60 range, and will satisfy my appetite for spring apparel without breaking the bank:

top: Rebecca Skirt in Blue Heart Spread love in this heart-print gem; Leslie Skirt in Ivory Belle ; Tanya Skirt in Taupe Floral ; all @ skirt spot;

bottom: Debra Skirt in Neopolitan A bubbly polka dot a-line; Anita Skirt in Daisy Eyelet white eyelet skirt ; Kendra Skirt in Blueberry Gum ; all @ skirt spot

these skirts are gorgeous! hopefully all those miles i’ve been running will begin to pay off! (i have vowed to have a love affair with new york sports club, and am currently recruiting gym buddies in case you’re interested…i am determined to run my @$$ into the ground to get into tip-top shape)

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