I am hopelessly nearsighted and though I favor contacts, I do like to have a pair of frames to throw on just before bed or on days when my eyes need a break. My current pair of specs are 9 year old Gucci frames that have a far too weak prescription in them. Because I don’t wear glasses full time I don’t want to spend a small fortune on them, however I still want them to look smart and stylish. Enter Warby Parker, a brand I heard about via a work colleague. Warby Parker offers a ton of stylish and affordable frames to choose from.  You pay just $95 for frames (the price includes lenses). Better yet, for every pair purchased, the company gives a pair to someone in need. The company has showrooms in Manhattan that you can visit with an appointment to try on frames, but I opted for the Home Try On Session where you simply log on to their website, choose five frames, and Warby Parker ships them off to you completely free of charge with no obligation to purchase. I chose the following styles: Huxley, Beckett, Japhy, Preston, & Owen for my try-on session. Once they arrive, you have five days to test out the frames for fit, comfort, and the opinions of your friends and family. After much discussion, of the five frames, the Preston frame was my favorite. Here I am wearing the Preston:

Once done with the try-on session, you simply pack up the box and ship back to Warby Parker using the included pre-paid shipping label. There was no cost to me, and when I decide to order the glasses I can do so via the website.

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