while exiting the subway station at 7th avenue i was acutely aware of the influx of people all of which were shaking out their umbrellas and disgarding soaking wet newspapers. i bravely ascended to street level and was immediately greeted by an unwelcoming black sky, torrential rain, and a forceful wind. i was not in the least bit prepared to walk from broadway to 6th avenue in these conditions, but i marched forth (if sliding in sandals qualifies as marching). As I progressed, waiting to cross 7th avenue the rain picked up, so i had no choice but to dig into my satchel and sacrifice august’s vogue to the rain gods. The rain was too much for poor linda evangelista…the magazine soaked up the water so effectively that the 314 pages quickly became a soggy run of color buckling under the weight of itself all the while pouring the now ink soaked rain into my blonde locks not unlike a funnel. perfect. i just love giving the doormen a chuckle when i enter the building.

linda’s “before” picture

the good news is that now about 3o minutes later as i look out my office window the sun has decided to show it’s pretty little head. just my luck! of all days i decide to be ontime! 🙂

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