If I had a clothing boutique, I would be sure to stock the entire Velvet Leaf line. Laura & Becky Carter are the sister duo behind the clothing line. The line is not only gorgeous & feminine, but it is also entirely eco-friendly! While both are still very young, they are passionate about what they do and are clear about their vision for the future. Their mission is ” to provide for the needs of the world’s current population without damaging the ability of future generations to provide for themselves.” Laura & Becky use only sustainable fabrics & materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo in their collections. Velvet Leaf gives one a decidedly bohemian look putting the focus on vintage-inspired silhouettes and hand crafted details. See for yourself, some looks from their previous collections:

Expect to see more from the Velvet Leaf girls! In the meantime, check out their Myspace page .

Their web page is still being developed but can be viewed by clicking here.

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