Every year I resist reaching into my coat closet when the temperature plummets as if to signify to the weather gods that I do not consent to their 50/40 degree weather! Of course my protests go unnoticed and when my body begins to show signs of pneumonia or hypothermia (whichever comes first) I will begrudgingly slip on some outerwear before heading out into the world. Today was the day I finally broke down and wore a coat this morning. I probably should have been wearing one all week, but I feel a cold coming on (imagine that), so I slipped one on. I also decided I might like a new coat. I think I’m becoming a coat person. I’ve purchased more coats in the past year than all of 25 years combined (I’m not even exaggerating). Maybe it is because everywhere I turn there is a fabulous coat or jacket to be had! Because the holiday season is fast approaching I have put myself on a budget (I have plane tickets and gifts galore to buy!) so today I peeked into Urban Outfitters to find some stylish outerwear options that also remained affordable. Here are a few of my favorites:

Lux Pleat Front A-Line Coat$140; Kimchi & Blue Ruffle Collar Coat$140; Free People French Newsroom Jacket$168; Lux Bastille Coat$125; all @ urban outfitters

Paul Frank Vera Coat$172; Ben Sherman Sally Coat$229; Free People Russian Trapeze Jacket $148; all @ urban outfitters

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