Urban Decay is following their hit Alice In Wonderland Box of Shadows with a limited edition palette dedicated to my current city: NYC. The UD NYC Box of Shadows features a pop-up mirror surrounded by original illustrations of stylish girls and and the city that never sleeps. There is also a pull out drawer filled with sixteen Urban Decay eye shadows (seven of which are new and exclusive to this box of shadows), two 24/7 glide-on eyeliners, and one mini container of Urban Decay Primer Potion. The Box of Shadows will retail for $54 and will be available beginning on September 7th at Urbandecay.com and will roll out to stores on October 1st (cross your fingers for an earlier launch).
If you’re like me, and believe that us NYC girls should get first dibs then you are in luck! You and 999 other beautiful ladies can score one of the box of shadows early this coming Saturday (August 28th) at the Sephora in Times Square from 1-9PM! If you are planning on hitting up the event be sure to bring your camera and take pics of yourself and your friends with your loot and upload it to Urban Decay’s fan photos on facebook for a chance to win a complete brush set (11 brushes valued over $300)! Prizes at the door for the first 200 to show up and the amazing UD makeup team on hand to help you master a look from the new palette will be an added bonus. (Note: There will only be 1000 pieces available for the event and there is a limit of 3 boxes per person, so if you want more than that for some reason you better bring a friend)

I know you must be wondering what’s in this beautiful box, so lets open it up shall we…
Inside you’ll find seven completely new eye shadows (Bordello, Kush, Loaded, Money, Radium, Rockstar, and Suspect), two shades that were previously sold exclusively at Sephora (Haight & Psychedelic Sister), seven permanent shades that are typically Urban Decay’s best-selling shadows, (Snatch, Last Call, Maui Wowie, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Smog, Perversion, and Uzi), two 24/7 eyeliners in Zero and Ransom, and Urban Decay’s much loved primer potion.

Here is a closer look at the line-up:

Perversion – matte charcoal black (Permanent)

Uzi – white silver w/ glitter (Permanent)

Loaded – dark forest green with sheen (New Shade)
Kush – grassy green (New Shade) –This has a lot of cousins and possible dupes (looks to have the most similarities to UD’s Homegrown), but a very pretty shade indeed

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again– champagne with lots of glitter (Permanent) –This shadow is known for its fall out and though it is a pretty shade, it requires a lot of extra work. The extra work for me isn’t really worth it given that this is a shade that is very easy to duplicate. I own this a few times over, and I really wish that UD would stop insisting on putting it in its palettes. At this point, I feel like they are mocking me. 🙂

Last Call – plum with red undertones and a shimmery finish (Permanent) — One of my all time favorite shadows, but I already own it a couple of times over.

Rockstar – deep shade of eggplant (New Shade) — I own the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Rockstar and it is one of my favorites! I use the eyeliner frequently in place of a dark brown liner.  If this shadow is half as good as the eyeliner of the same name, I’ll probably love it.

Money – silvered blue with a metallic blue-green sheen (New Shade)

Haight – shimmering teal (was sold as a Sephora Exclusive) I absolutely loved this shade when it was launched with the Sephora collection. I decided not to spring for the full sized shadow at the time because I am what you would call “teal eye shadow poor”…um yeah, I have a lot.

Maui Wowie – medium gold w/ silver glitter (Permanent) another shadow with fall out issues…

Smog – coppery bronze (Permanent) This has been in every UD palette I can think of, but it is a shade that is universally liked

Bordello – mauve-pink with glitter (New Shade)
Radium – bright medium blue w/ frost finish (New Shade)

Snatch – peachy pink w/ glitter (Permanent) This shade was in Urban Decay’s Show Pony palette

Suspect – taupe with a hint of bronze (New Shade)

Psychedelic Sister – Purple Amethyst (Sephora Exclusive shade)

24/7 Eyeliners
Zero– a fantastic black liner, one of the best in my opinion and will gladly add a second to my collection
Ransom– an iridescent violet liner, yes, please
Primer Potion
This primer is amazing, however the packaging is TERRIBLE, the mini version of this is cute and all but it is even more difficult to get the product out, could Urban put this bad boy in a tube already? (Update: Just today Urban Decay posted a picture of its professional sized primer potion on facebook and guess what it is in a TUBE! Yesssssssssssssssssssss! It looks like the tube contains a lifetime supply, so even better!)

If you on a budget and find yourself tempted by the amazing packaging and new shades, think about it like this:
  • This palette has a lot of value especially if you don’t otherwise own the majority of the products sampled in the box (7 are completely new so that helps, and 2 were Sephora exclusives so if you didn’t grab those, you should be good)  
  • Ask yourself if you would be willing to pay full price ($17 for an eyeshadow) for the shades included. If yes and you love them that much, then why wait?
  • All in all you will be getting approximately $200 worth of Urban Decay products with a $54 price tag.
  • The formulas used in creating this palette are the same that are used in the full sized packages, so quality will be as amazing as always.

What is your verdict? Will you be buying this palette? If I don’t buy it for myself, I will certainly consider buying as a gift! Anyone headed to the Sephora event this weekend? I might venture over just for fun…

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