I love this time of year when it is STEAMING hot and all of the adorable spring & summer stuff goes on sale. I live for that! I also love this time of year because the August magazines are hitting my mail box! In my opinion, the Aug/Sept magazines are always the best. Is it because everyone has that Back to School mentality? Is it because the two best seasons Summer & Fall are colliding? Maybe it is a little of both. Currently, I am cleaning out my closet to make room for fall, and for the stuff I already have (closets are SMALL in NYC after all) . I am planning on donating the clothing that I don’t want or never wear, but it is going to take me forever to sort through everything!!! I keep telling myself it is worth the work because it will make room for MORE cute things.

There were so many adorable things that would look great in my closet, so I know that my initial goal was ill-fated because when I see space in my closet,I have an urge within to fill it. I think it is genetic. In fact, I have every intention of filling it with SOME of these cool finds from Urban Outfitters:

Sam Edelman Buckle Ballet $98 @ urban outfitters–these are OFFICIALLY my new favorite pair of shoes!!! 🙂

more shoes + urban favorites:

top: Lux Strappy Printed 2 Pocket Dress $58.00; Lux Silk Embroidered Dress $58.00;

bottom:Bright Lights Chain Bracelet $20; Suede Ruched Back Ballet $38; Too Much Love Necklace $18;

Seychelles Basketweave Wedge $78; Suede Strappy Skimmer $48;Dolce Vita Striped Skimmer $78; all @ urban outfitters;

owls are a hoot:

Owl Watch Necklace $28.00; Wise Owl Lamp Base $24.00 + Chirp Lamp Shade $24.00; all @ urban outfitters;

Owls make me happy for 2 reasons: 1) my grandmother LOVES owls, so they remind me of her. 2) I have a bit of a Harry Potter fascination, and I’m really excited about the new book (and movie)…owls are wise, but for me, they never get old.

For Your Jewel Box:

row 1: Capri Linked Necklace $28; Ink Blot Painted Bangle Now $9.99 (Was $14.00);

row 2: Agate Necklace with Charm $38; Asymmetrical Free Bird Necklace $18;

Beach Treasure Necklace Now $9.99 (Was $28.00); Charming Heart Bracelet $24; Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Necklace $28; all @ urban outfitters;

row 3: Paris Charm Necklace $18; Wrapped Scarf Watch $38; Delicious Apple Necklace $24;

New York, New York Necklace $18; Charming Lucite Necklace $48; all @ urban outfitters;

row 4: La Mer Spring Garden Watch Online Only! $90; Carved Cutout Bangle Now $11.99 (Was $16.00); Floral Painted Bangle Now $9.99 (Was $14.00); Oval Carved Rose Ring Now $11.99 (Was $16.00); Heart Locket Watch with Charms $28; all @ urban outfitters;

Get Political:

Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Democrat Tee $24.00; Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican Tee Online Only! $24.00;all @ urban outfitters;
I absolutely LOVE these tees especially with the cute donkey & elephant graphics.

for home:

row 1: Lulu Chair – King Bird Online Only $380; Sunami Salad Bowl
4 for $15
$5; Sketchbook Floral Storage Box Now $9.99 (Was $18.00); Bike Wall Art by Kate Sutton $12; Branch Jewelry Stand $26; all @ urban outfitters;

row 2: Birdcage Printed Storage Box Now $9.99 (Was $18.00); Piecey Dot Wall Art $40; Antoinette Fainting Sofa – Grey Online Only $550; Tweats Melamine Plates

$45; Chick In Boots Art by E. Grosch $12; all @ urban outfitters;

row 3:
Kurt Halsey Tryptich Wall Art – All Fades $40; Baroque Cut Out Frame $14;

small things just for fun:

hold stuff: Yakpak Printed Cosmetic Case Online Only! Now $19.99 (Was $28.00); Patchwork Clutch $48; Adriana’s Coin Purse $12; all @ urban outfitters;

snapshot: Color Splash Camera by Lomography $75; Oktomat Camera by Lomography $40;

Holga Camera by Lomography $70; all @ urban outfitters;

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