Sometimes I find myself amazed while shopping the web as I often find something really good where I least expect it (oh how I love the wondrous world wide web!)! Unique Vintage is one of those web boutiques that upon first entering, you might be turned off if you are accustomed to the high fashion or more corporate e-commerce sites, but if you stick around long enough chances are you will find something totally adorable that is worth snatching up. The site is tailored for a younger audience looking for affordable vintage inspired goods to the point where you can actually shop by fashion era. This tool proves useful if you have a specific look in mind or are headed to a costume party! The site also has several prom ready dresses (hear that teens & tweens? bookmark it!). But if your prom days are long gone, fear not my friend, there are plenty looks for all occasions including the beach! Just check out my summer finds below:

{clockwise}Voom Pinstriped Babydoll Denim Dress $198; Voom Bird Babydoll dress $198;
Voom Striped Bikini $98; Skinny Dip Navy & White Anchor Bikini $56; all @ unique vintage

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