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Yesterday was my birthday–my 29th to be exact. 2011 is bound to be a big and important year for me, so I decided to make a list of twenty nine things I want to do before I turn the dreaded 3-0. I even added a few notes to myself…
  1. Get married!
    –April 29, 2011 is the date, the groom is just as charming as any prince.
  2. Buy a bike, and ride it, often.
    –bike storage in NYC apartments is challenging, but the rewards will be worth the hassle!
  3. Run a marathon.–and even if the ING NYC Marathon folks don’t choose your lottery number keep running, because you know how hard it is to start after you stop.
  4. Travel to new and interesting places
    –trips to Aruba & Puerto Rico are planned. Argentina and Paris are on the top of my destination wish lists!
  5. Read more of the classics –less of that vampire crap.
  6. Refine knitting skills, and successfully knit this among other fabulous things.
    –I am currently knitting myself wrist cuffs and a couple scarves before starting the cowl
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter
    –if anyone has tips on where I can volunteer in NYC let me know, this is a MUST!
  8. Get an iPhone already
    –thanks to Verizon + Apple partnership Feb. 10th is the date! πŸ™‚
  9. Draw in my sketchbook multiple times a week.
    –i bought this book to help inspire me:)
  10. Take more photographs
    –and maybe reward yourself with aΒ  better camera or at least a new lens
  11. Make another attempt at a 365 project
    –no excuses, laugh in the face of failure!
  12. Expand my record collection
    –it took me far too long to buy a record player, I enjoy it immensely
  13. Bake an apple pie
    –I am an avid baker who has oddly have never baked an apple pie I must remedy this.
  14. Make paper chains… lots of them
    –and hang them around your apartment just for fun!
  15. Take a sewing or knitting class
    –or maybe both!
  16. Buy a sewing machine
    –move beyond the apron! πŸ™‚
  17. Give my apartment a makeover
    –furniture & wall decor need an update πŸ™‚
  18. Save some money to ditch said apartment!
    –get furniture (#17) at a discount πŸ™‚
  19. Take an ab class
    –and stick with it!
  20. Go skiing –and try not to fall πŸ™‚
  21. Convince husband to go skiing with you
    –(see #1 & #19)
  22. Don’t neglect this blog
    –2010 was a bad year for blogging, so make up for it!
  23. Make homemade ice creamΒ 
    — and eat it on the cone or in the form of homemade ice cream sandwiches!
  24. Experiment with film photography
    –and develop your film for Pete’s sake!
  25. Make french onion soup–with extra cheese
  26. Go sledding on a flexible flyer –just like old times
  27. Explore my own city
    –you aren’t allowed to be bored!
  28. Watch old movies
    –and try really hard to pick ones that don’t have Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn in them…expand your horizons.
  29. Drink more water and less caffeine
    –a lot less, as in, avoid Starbucks

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