Thursday Night Live @ the Gap:

**tristan prettyman was kind enough to sign this for me 🙂

I have what feels like the beginning of a horrible summer cold. The culprit is the worst sore throat I’ve had in years. I decided the best thing I could do for myself was to go ahead and go to the gap on 54th & 5th (it is convenient for me given that I work on 53rd & 6th) for some music therapy. I arrived early to make sure I got a prime spot up front near the small stage. The stage was set up on the first floor. tristan & mike were just hanging out waiting for sound check. on the second floor gap had free popcorn and soda. this was a total score because as more people crowded in downstairs it got extremely hot. after sound check there was a lot of waiting around until 7 for tristan to take the stage.

she rocked…her voice flawless as always. she played guest check, the story, always feel this way, smoke and closed with love, love, love. I was hoping she would play simple as it should be, but she still put on a great show.

more pictures of tristan:

Mike Doughty opened with Busting Up a Starbucks following with Tremendous Brunettes…I actually gave up my front row station to go meet the bf on the 2nd floor. I then went and chatted rather incoherently (I blame it on the cold medication) to the lovely tristan prettyman.

me with tristan prettyman:

anyway, I highly recommend going to one of their live shows if you get the chance! i’m signing off for now so hopefully i can recover from my illness :(.

Mike Doughty with Tristan Prettyman

download tristan prettyman’s album on itunes here:
Tristan Prettyman
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Mike Doughty
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