Jesseca McCloskey of Paper Treasure, creates lovely earrings & necklaces from vintage charms, lockets and chains. Each of her necklaces are named after a different shipwreck and comes packaged with information about its namesake. Her collection is beautiful, unique, and very affordable. If you are looking for something for ever every day, or for a small gift consider 0ne of these treasures:

top: the bohemian locket necklace $28.80; the lexington locket necklace $28.80;
bottom: Cora F. Cressy Necklace $28.80; The Helen Eliza Necklace $28.80;

Be sure to visit Paper Treasure’s website for more designs!

You can also find Paper Treasure at the following retail locations:

Garment Boutique in Portland, OR
Motokitty in Portland, OR
Olio United in Portland, OR
Xtabay in Portland,OR
Candy Plum in Astoria, NY

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