Lately, I have been a bit jewelry obsessed, and the fact that many of the jewelry boxes over at Anthropologie that I had my eye on are now on sale, has not helped matters at all. The problem is I made a vow that I would not purchase anything for myself until AFTER christmas. I have been in giving mode for weeks now, but it isn’t breaking the rules if I LOOK is it?? (My boyfriend would insert a quote here –using his 6 year old niece’s now infamous line, “I am JUST LOOOKING!!!!) The problem is I am obviously a shop-a-holic, so it is hard to resist making purchases, luckily, the long holiday lines have kept me away from the check out counter!!! I have not yet violated my vow, and if you need further evidence i will whip out my sad face ipod. Last time my ipod died (probably of battery failure) I ran out the next day and bought the newest model. I couldn’t bear the thought of going a day without it, so I didn’t even bother sending it in for repairs. My ipod has been acting up for about a month, and after constantly reseting it it gave me a sad face! I’ve been told my only option is to send it to a far away land to be repaired. It has been 3 days without my ipod and everyday I am sooo unbelievedly close to bitch slapping someone on the subway for being loud or obnoxious!!! I am hoping to receive a new ipod for christmas so I am hoping that I won’t have to worry about my sad face situation any longer. I have instead turned my focus to creating a jewelry wishlist as you can see below:

Part 1:

row 1: rena tom rutilated quartz necklace $45; rena tom coral cluster necklace $140;
Tart Earrings Brooke Medlin $14.00 (i have these earring in light pink and i absolutely love them!!); Chant Birthstone Necklace $49 @ girlshop; marie chavez pink opal chain pendant $84;
row 4: Marie Chavez Double Strand Multi-Pendant Necklace $154; Eda & Betty Multi Chain Teardrop Necklace $173 @ girlshop; Mumbai Earrings by Brooke Medlin $8.00; rena tom rose honeycomb necklace $65; Diya Earrings by Brooke Medlin $20.00;

Part 2:

top: Soixante Neuf 14K Gold Leaf Necklace $108 @ frosting fashions ; Josette Velvet Wrapped Bow Bangles $32 @ frosting fashions ; Chan Luu Silver Charm Mix Necklace $276 @ frosting fashions;

Part 3:

top: Rachel Leigh Fly Away Silver $145.00 @ rachel leigh; Rachel Leigh Vintage Cabachon Pendant in Cornelian $180 @ couture candy; Rachel Leigh Good Timing Necklace in silver $184 @ shopbop;
bottom: Rachel Leigh Turquoise Stone Necklace $147 @ max & chloe; Rachel Leigh Fleur De Lis Necklace On Sale for $105.00 @ max & chloe; Anna Beck Gold Plated Saddle Ring $165 @ frosting fashions;

Part 4:
top: moss mills scenery ring $168 @ anthropologie; coturnix ring $248 @ anthropologie; a-to-z bangles (“M”s of course!) $38 @ anthropologie; victorian intaglio bracelet $248 (isn’t this the coolest bracelet EVER?!) @ anthropologie;
middle: graffiti bangles in red $76 @ anthropologie; globe lantern drops $38 @ anthropologie; shimmering tear earrings $138 @ anthropologie; Alexis Bittar carapacho drops $118 @ anthropologie;
bottom: chan lau jumble necklace $98 @ anthropologie; charming necklace in garnet (my birthstone!) @ anthropologie $48; Candace Ang Long Cameo Necklace $245.00 @ max & chloe; Kenneth Jay Lane Black Tusk Necklace $65.00 @ max & chloe;

Part 5:

ludmila earrings $118 @ anthropologie; larme earrings $38 @ anthropologie; lille drops $128 @ anthropologie; elm tree earrings $98 @ anthropologie;
part 6:

bottom: MARC BY MARC JACOBS Square Cuff Watch$150.00 in white @ nordstrom; MARC BY MARC JACOBS Bauble “Star” Watch on Chain $125.00 @ nordstrom; MARC BY MARC JACOBS Square Cuff Watch$150.00 in black @ nordstrom ( i love this watch so much i want it in both white & black!!);

Store your new baubles in a gorgeous jewelry box from anthropologie:

3 Comments on Treasure Hunting: Great Jewelry For EVERY Occasion

  1. Moi
    December 22, 2006 at 4:39 am (11 years ago)

    OMG, I love everything on your list!! I can’t begin to pick the ones I like more than the other! I’m jewelry obsessed too. That’s pretty much what I requested for Christmas

    P.S. Love your blog! It’s fabulous. Can we exchange links? I’ve linked you at mine, 😀

  2. TessaJ
    December 22, 2006 at 8:07 pm (11 years ago)

    Oh, I hope your ipod has a speedy recovery. (Though I’m glad you’re able to entertain yourself with jewelry in the interim!)

  3. Fashion Kitty
    December 28, 2006 at 7:04 pm (11 years ago)

    I am so ready for an ipod update myself!