Bad news just keeps rolling in! This news might not be the worst of it* but it is certainly a disappointment that the Topshop’s NYC opening has been pushed back to Spring 2009! Of course, we might not have any money to shop with this fall with the economy headed plummeting south and all. I can’t say it doesn’t make sense for the London based shop, but I am sad. It isn’t a total loss though–the Topshop u.s. online store is open now and these images of Topshop’s Unique Spring 2009 collection is full of bright 80s flashiness that will surely cheer you up as you stand by and watch your 401k diminish any hopes & dreams you might of had of early retirement.

Runway roundup:
{images via Coutorture}

Watch Peaches & Corey Kennedy cover the TopShop Spring 2009 show during London Fashion week for NYLON TV:

*(the fact that my bank is in dire trouble takes the cake on that one!)

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