I am loving the fine art prints over at little paper planes right now! Here are my favorites:

1) Pommebirds print $40 (8.5 x 11″) by Tara Hogan- I love this print! The color is PERFECT! I need it!

2) XO print by Blake Marquis (each print is 24 x 30 so together it is 48 x 60in) $60 for the pair- I love the colors & textures in this print…it is sweet, simple, and graphic!

3) Circling and Tending print $30 (5 x 11) Sarah Sohn; I love the colors in this whimsical print!

4) I’ll Go Print (12″ X 15 1/2″ ) $65 by Rachel Salomon; This print is amazing-the colors & textures in this print are really fantastic!

5) Bad Influence print (7×7″) by Cindy Jaswal-This print is perfect for me because I am TERRIFIED of racoons. The print is appropriate because I was nearly attacked & killed by a gang of rabid racoons in college (I SWEAR I am only exaggerating a tiny bit) and because Sophie and I always seem to sniff out Racoons sifting through garbage on our nightly walks (seriously, get a beagle and you’ll sniff out the most obscure things in the city!). I would think of this print as a daily reminder to protect myself (and my NOSY beagle) from the dangerous (and VISCIOUS) animal that lurks on our city streets!

6) Bunny Punch Card print $20.60 by Carol Es ( 3 3/8 x 9in)- The artist priced this print at $20.60 because that is a half a day’s pay at the US Federal Minimum Wage. Have you seen the episode of 30 days where Morgan Spurlock and his wife attempt to live on minimum wage for 30 days. It is impossible and so many people in this country are forced to work 5 hundred jobs just so they can make ends meet. If you’ve never seen that episiode you must watch it!!! This print is a reminder of that problem.

Lucky number 7:

Finger-lickin’ print $25 by Evah Fan This print is so sweet. I fell in love with it instantly!!!

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  1. Jessica
    June 30, 2007 at 9:53 am (11 years ago)

    Kelly certainly has a great eye for picking good artists and great prints. Thanks for highlighting Evah Fan, she is amazing!