While I was walking Sophie on Saturday I was struck by how gorgeous our surroundings were! Sophie & I were both enjoying the mild tempertures and the orange & red hued tree tops! Sophie was moreso enjoying all of the fallen leaves (because they are fun to jump in & bite as they blow past her) & the acorns (because they attract A TON of SQUIRRELS!) Anyway, I decided to take some photos while walking through Forest Park, which is located near my apartment.

fallen leaves as we walk by:

leaf covered trails:

the view from below:

I still can’t believe it is November already! Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to the holiday season, but I am dreading the cold weather and that four lettered word S-N-O-W!
I just realized that I should start planning my own holiday gift giving! The great thing is I already have a ton of ideas, so naturally I will be putting together a holiday gift guide that I will share with all of you. I am currently sourcing ideas right now! (Feel free to email me tips @ platinumblondelife5 dot com.) My count down for the holidays has officially begun!

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