Last year Ali Michael was on top of the fashion world…walking in all of the big shows…Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, John Galliano, Rodarte, & Christian Lacroix to name a few. She was on the cover of Teen Vogue, W magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and was dubbed the next new face by fashion insiders. Now the 17 year old, booked 10 shows in New York, booked zero in London, and booked only one show in Paris…the Yohji Yamamoto show and then was sent packing coinciding of course with her recent gain of five whopping pounds. The Wall Street Journal has a very interesting story & interactive analysis of the Ali Michael story (a screen shot is pictured below):

“It’s hard to imagine Miss Michael, a willowy, 5-foot-9-inch teenager, being told her legs are too fat. Last season, Miss Michael made herself sick keeping her weight down, said her mother. Miss Michael’s reward was to be heralded as the next supermodel. “

                                                                         –The Wall Street Journal

Backstage at Lanvin with an impossibly thin Lily D bending over behind her photo via

On the cover of  Teen Vogue…with a somewhat ironic headline on the bottom right  “The Thin Line Between Diet and Danger”

Backstage at the Anna Sui Fall 2008 show last month image via
Walking  in the Yohji Yamamoto show, image via

So much for all that talk about BMI index requirements and healthy standards in the fashion world…thin will forever be in, even if “enlarged hips” becomes a bona fide trend. It is as the WSJ points out, “we have bodies being formed to fit clothes, rather than clothes designed to fit bodies.” 

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here, it is a must read

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