Work is beyond crazy right now! I had to reschedule my upcoming vacation, and might even have to work over Labor Day weekend! I spent all day yesterday being pissed off about the situation, but now I decided I’m over it and it is better not to dwell on this kind of thing. I feel it is healthier to just get the work out of the way even if I end up working 80+ hour weeks. While the overtime will be welcomed and will help boost my blossoming fall wardrobe, I simply was not expecting the extra work! Whew! Life is crazy that way. Please forgive me if my posts seem to be less frequent. I will be posting at least once a day and as frequently as humanly possible during New York Fashion week (hello, for more work!). I have been posting frequently over at One Girl Show, so please check that out & be sure to leave lots of love!

Ciao Bella!


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