I am so excited for the Sex & The City movie! I really hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment, but judging from the movie stills I will LOVE the fashion! In honor of the movie opening today I have compiled my favorite stills (along with my commentary on the recent Vogue shoot featuring Sarah Jessica Parker & Chris Noth as Carrie & Big):

More stills from the SATC movie:
Sex & The City movie stills via All Movie Photo

Vogue June/July 2008 “Rebel Romance” story featuring Carrie & Big–While I find the theme of the Vogue shoot, “What if Carrie & Big had a honeymoon in New York” to be uninspired, Annie Leibowitz takes gorgeous photos…


I also find the “fake Vogue” shots that are featured in the movie to be far more flattering to Sarah Jessica then any of the shots featured in the actual Vogue magazine. But the real problem I have with this Vogue story is more due to the cover. The HORRENDOUS Vogue June/July 2008 cover brought back memories of the Sex & The City Episode, “They Shoot Single People Don’t They?” (ep. 16), where Carrie arrives late for a magazine cover shoot & the results are beyond disastorous. One of the test shots where she has no make up & is smoking a cigarette is featured on the cover under the headline “Single and Fabulous?”. Once Carrie sees the cover, she protests, “I’m all over the city looking like something that got caught in a drain.” I couldn’t describe this recent Vogue cover featuring Sarah Jessica Parker better myself…

>Vogue images via style.com

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1 Comment on The Sex & The City Movie Opens Nationwide Today!

  1. patrick
    June 19, 2008 at 7:00 am (10 years ago)

    i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it