The Move-In
i hope everyone enjoyed the nice long labor day weekend! i spent the entire weekend moving to my new apartment. of course we chose saturday, the worst weather day of the weekend to move in! luckily for us the torrential rains & high winds held off for us to get all of our STUFF indoors. we actually piled everything in the main lobby of the apartment building and then brought it upstairs. the trouble with that is once you pick up something heavy once you put it down you want to be done with it, our plan of action to avoid rain & ruining all of our belongings forced us to put down our stuff at the halfway mark and then start all over again. So, while it was mentally tough, it proved to be a smart plan in the end. the rain let loose literally after the last piece of furniture was in the building.

Living Out of Boxes No Longer
the boy and i had two gorgeous days after that to get our apartment together. After a few quick trips to IKEA, Target, Home Depot, & Bed Bath & Beyond we our on our way to a fabulous apartment…right now it is functional & looking more like home by the minute so that in itself says something–ESPECIALLY after only two days.

Our Little Helper-the many faces of Soph:

Sophie proved to be a big help…here she is hard at work over the course of this labor day weekend! After unpacking & folding a TON of clothing Sophie decided to park herself in between the piles; Moving is HARD work …Sophie passed out in the middle of the floor; Sophie taking her usual position on the back of the chair; lounging on the bed; wedging herself between couch pillows.

Mental State
Other than being slightly worried about the weather I was in good spirits…I was excited. The move only had a few minor bumps in the road. I am such a crier, (I cry when I have to pack for weekend trips), so to say I only cried once this entire weekend has to be some kind of record for me. I deserve a medal!

How Dell Made Me Cry
While my boyfriend took miss Sophie for a walk I decided to set up our desk area. Finally, I have room for my All in One Photo Printer I received at Christmas from my Dad & Stepmom. I opened the box, and saw it for the very first time. I honestly had never opened the box that it was shipped in!!! I looked at it, and was so excited because it was compact, sleek, and matched my ibook perfectly! It was like I had received the gift all over again…it was a total rush UNTIL I came to the realization that this wonderful gift WOULD NOT WORK with my ibook!!!!!!! Everything went downhill after that. I quickly realized that not only was this printer a Dell, but this printer is only compatible with Windows.

Now, everyone knows I am in the market for a new laptop, but when my boyfriend later asked me if I would consider purchasing a Dell laptop, I nearly flipped out! You see, I am an apple loyalist, everyone knows this, so I nearly screamed, “I want my MACBOOK!!!!”, but I didn’t scream like a bratty little kid, instead it sounded more like a whimper. I feel like a bratty little kid, because at the time I couldn’t understand why someone would give me a printer that isn’t compatible with Mac OS X, especially if those same people gave me the very laptop I own. You know, it was a mistake, it was a lovely gift, but I have no use for it. Now, I am stuck with something I can’t even enjoy, and I am without a printer/scanner/copier. Because I just assumed it would work with my computer & didn’t even LOOK @ the printer (BIG MISTAKE) I am unable to return or exchange the printer for something that WOULD work. I can’t return it because Dell has a 21 day return policy & I can’t exchange it because it was purchased directly from Dell and none of their printers work with my ibook. So I am left with trying to sell it on ebay. If you are looking for a printer or know someone who is, let them know that there is a fabulous brand new printer that is amazing in everyway except for the fact that it broke my little heart in one full swoop solely because it runs only on Windows! I am assuming a lot of people are trying to buy new printers now that college started & such, so hopefully someone will make use of this and I can in turn purchase something that IS compatible with my ibook! Here is the link to the printer on eBay now Dell Photo 964 All-IN One Printer — the printer is normally $200 so you are getting a deal!

What Is To Come

  • More photos
  • Decorating & Shopping Adventures
  • We have a busy week ahead of us especially with NY FASHION WEEK (Full coverage right here)!
  • Stay tuned!

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