Sometimes I like to think about the ridiculous, unnecessary purchases I would make if I were one of those girls that appear on MTV’s Super Sweet 16. Of course, nothing snaps you back to reality like your New York City rent, but a girl can daydream right? So if I happened to have six grand just laying around (keeping with the super sweet 16 theme, it would be my filthy rich parents money that I am able to spend at my own discretion, of course), I would love to have this limited edition LX50 Vespa designed with Gap’s signature stripes. The price? Just a cool $5,999.

This is almost too pretty to take it to the streets. I bet Serena Van der Woodsen gets one for Christmas this year on Gossip Girl. 🙂 Excuse me while I go refill my Metrocard.

For more info on the Gap limited edition LX50 Vespa visit

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