My nephew’s 4th birthday is coming up in the next few weeks so I’ve been brainstorming gift ideas with the focus on books that he doesn’t already have…for kid who loves being read to this is not an easy task! This of course got me reminiscing about books that I loved as a child. My ultimate favorite is “The Boy Who Fooled The Giant” by Tamara Kitt.
the boy who fooled the giant
My mom loved this book so much as a child that even though it was out of print she made sure we had a copy on hand and each of us kids were read it a million times. It is such a clever story, and the illustrations are wonderful it makes me sad that they don’t reissue it. I currently have two copies of my own that I “won” on
ebay. You can usually find a copy around $3-10 depending on the seller. These easy reader editions are the most common, and as you would imagine, they fall apart very easily if you aren’t careful. We like to have a few copies on hand for that reason.  I think it is such a great book, and since my beagle doesn’t exactly appreciate books I thought I would capture the images and share them with you. Check out the slideshow below as I have diligently photographed the pages of this book:

For more of my favorite children book selections please see this “vintage” post from February of 2006. What are some of your favorite kids’ books?

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