Plan Your Party:
Check out the cool decorations available @ Plum Party…from invitations, grass mats, beer koozies, & football shaped everything, you will be all set

If you are cheering for DA BEARS, check out these cool vintage-esque tees currently selling on ebay!:
l to r, top to bottom: women’s bears tee on ebay; 80s bears tee on ebay; vintage bears tee on ebay; da bears tee on ebay; ditka tee on ebay &; f u colts tee on ebay;

i’m thinking about getting the ditka tee available @ …da coach:

if you are cheering for the colts, like seemingly everyone in new york is, including my boyfriend, check out these tees on ebay…some of them are pretty funny:

if your pooch will be attending the party, like my sophie, be sure to stock up on yummy treats, appropriate toys & clothing so they don’t feel left out. sophie LOVES football, and she is from chicago, so she will OBVIOUSLY be barking for da bears!

row 3: Mini Canine Cupcakes: 1/2 dozen $6.99 @ pawshop; 6-Bone Shaped Muffin Pan $19.99 @ paw shop; Woofy Pop Microwave Dog Popcorn Treat: 3-pack $4.99 @ paw shop; Security Tank $24.00 @ barker & meowsky;

lastly, no super sunday post would be complete without a superfans video!


1 Comment on SUPER SUNDAY 2/4/07

  1. Parisjasmal
    January 31, 2007 at 1:09 pm (11 years ago)

    GO BEARS!!!!! But I do kinda love Payton too.
    This was an awesome Superbowl Post!

    Kudos to you!