Nothing brightens a rainy morning like a fantastic bronzer! My pale skin needs a bit of color these days, so naturally bronzer is a must have before I leave the house in the morning. I wouldn’t want people to think I went on vacation wearing a snowsuit would I? Now that my vacation is over, there is really no hope for me unless I fake it. There is nothing quite like an office job to keep me far far away from the sandy beaches after all!

After several weeks of testing different bronzers I have finally found my match in Lancome’sPoudre Elephant Teint! It also happens to have a beautiful elephant smiling up at me while I masterfully(ha!) apply the bronzer to my face! Of all the bronzers I have tried it definitely gives me the most natural of looks…not too shiny, orange, or sparkly –all of which are common traits of powder bronzers currently on the market. Ultimately I find the formula to be worth the price tag and I’ll give it bonus points for presentation!

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