There are three things I am presently lusting after… I’ve been trying to be good by cutting back on my spending on beauty and fashion purchases, but these three items in particular are tempting me!

Pleated Chiffon Dress $250 @ J.Crew; Kate Spade Popsicle Scarf $128 @ Nordstrom; Kailey Flat Sandals $265 @ Tory Burch

I fell in love with this J.Crew dress in the store, and literally had to FORCE myself to put it back on the rack. This playful popsicle flavor scarf from Kate Spade makes me smile…how perfect is this for summer. I think if I bought ANOTHER scarf, my husband might kill me. The sandals are too cute to resist. I feel myself caving already… I mean one out of three isn’t bad, right?

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