“f a l l i n g l e a v e s
h i d e t h e p a t h
s o q u i e t l y”

~john bailey, ‘autumn’

the temperatures may not be changing but the trees in my neighborhood are beginning to turn & shed their leaves. the seasons change has brought with it a lot of personal life changes. i have been working 80 hours a week (hence the infrequent blog posts), and haven’t had too many free friday nights or weekends! on top of that i have new co-workers, and although I am technically working the same job, I have 20 million new responsibilities! it has been overwhelming, stressful, and at times i have just wanted to cry. the money is nice, but i needed to take this last weekend to decompress. i took sophie on a long walk armed with my nikon d40x to snap a few shots, and read two books: Jenny McCarthy’s “Louder Than Words”, and Jenna Bush’s “Ana’s Story”. i highly recommend Jenny McCarthy’s book documenting her experiences as a mother caring for a child with autism. it was an emotional and informative book that was well written. i haven’t read any of Jenny’s other books, and i don’t have any children, but this book really moved me and i simply couldn’t put it down! anyway, here are a few photos i took during my walk this weekend:

view the entire photo set from my saturday afternoon walk here

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