This past weekend I dusted off my camera, and my drawing pencil. Here are a few photos I snapped this weekend while I was out east:

summer at its best series

After a long while of working too late and generally feeling uninspired, I finally started sketching and shooting like a woman gone mad late last week and into the weekend. I have to tell you, it feels good! I’m glad this spurt of creative energy is coinciding nicely with my upcoming week off from work. My parents are coming into NYC to stay for a week starting on July 3rd, so naturally I’ve been busy getting ready for their arrival! Unfortunately that also means postings might be a bit scattered for the next week. On the upside I should have more wonderful photos to share with you in the very near future! I am also about to crack open a new sketchbook, so get ready for some more drawings too! 🙂

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