This is my inspiration board above my workspace in my apartment:

I found this bulletin board at Target, and I absolutely love it because of the chic black frame. I can’t stand the skinny wooden frames you see on typical bulletin boards. Intially, my intention was to remove the frame and cover the cork in fabric and either paint the frame, reframe the cork, or leave it frameless. In the past, I have made several variations of fabric covered inspiration boards (including ribbon boards). The most elaborate bulletin board I made over is already hanging in my apartment and is currently showcasing black and white pictures of friends & family ( and is pictured here). I also like the idea of using cork tiles…especially since I could cover walls in cork (that is if my bf would let me!). Anyway, I just thought I would give you a peek into what is currently inspiring me! For a closer look at what is currently on my board…check out the photo notes on flickr!

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