Today is the most beautiful day in NYC! Sophie woke up early this morning and needed to go out. I’m not usually interested in walking the dog in the mornings, but both sophie & my boyfriend have birthdays this weekend and since I’m the only one without a birthday this weekend I get Saturday morning dog walking privileges. I saw it was sunny so I just threw on a jacket over my tank top and walked outside half expecting to freeze to death, but i was pleasantly surprised by the warm weather! it put me in a fantastic mood!! could spring be here to stay?? sophie was cheerful, she came back from her walk wanting to play fetch. she was so cute, and that made me feel even better. I’ve been really worried about her, because late last night, while i was walking her, she sniffed out a bone from a chicken wing or something that some dirtbag had discarded in front of my apartment. i freaked out, knowing that she wasn’t supposed to eat it, but she got all crazy-eyed and wouldn’t drop it. i tried to pry it away from her, but i was so grossed out by touching it. i had an idea that i was going to give her other treats to get her to drop the bone. i admit, it wasn’t the best idea in the world, but that is what i went with. i was right in front of my building, so i started to run back upstairs to the apartment…i thought i would have the time, but by the time i got the lock undone she had eaten the whole thing!!! she didn’t struggle at all, she acted like it was nothing, but i was hysterical crying. she was all worried about me, trying to give me her chicken-bone-breath kisses while i was frantically dialing the phone and doing internet searches. i really hate that about beagles, they can sniff out everything…ketchup packets left on the street are another one of her favorite finds…GROSS! i’ve been watching her like a hawk and have the vet on speed dial, but she is more than fine. she doesn’t understand the fuss. so far, her mood, her behavior, and everything is completely normal.

Anyway, that is what little Miss Sophia has been doing at the start of her 2nd year on this earth. Yesterday in Anthropologie, I found some Herb-in-a-bag kits and I thought it would be fun to try grow some herbs. I think it would be great to have some yummy smelling lavender in my apartment. I guess I had gardening on the brain, because I started flipping through a book I was given as a Christmas gift, entitled “A Gardener’s Alphabet”, a collection of Woodblock Prints by Mary Azarian. The images are so much fun (especially the ones with a pesky little beagle prancing about!). I thought S” for Seeds was appropriate for March (especially since the calender in the background is flipped to March). I also have a lovely planter I received last year during a seed swap that I need to get going. Does anyone know of a seed swap going on anytime soon? Anyway, here are some fun gardening related finds that were inspired by the first warm day in March:

garden inspired:

Purchase A Gardener’s Alphabet by Mary Azarian @ ; Recyclopedia (Garden) Stationery from You Grow Girl’s Shop $5.00

garden kits:

herb seed kits (parsley, basil, thyme, & oregano) $10 @ anthropologie; Garden-in-a-bag (lavender, viola, mint, basil, chocolate viola, organic chives, ageratum, good luck clovers, forget me knot) $7.50 @ sprout home

grow your own:

Egglings $9.95 @ sprout home (the cutest little things ever!); Paperwhite Bulb Bowl $21.00 (everything you need to grow paperwhites indoors, in the container!!) @ sprout home;

i heart orchids:

potted orchid (purple, yellow, or pink) $32 @ anthropologie;

gardening gear:

Garden Gloves $20.00 @ sprout home; pink gardening apron $50 @ you grow girl’s shop;

gorgeous planters & vessels:

Plant Orb $96.00 @ sprout home (i love the chic design of this handmade ceramic pot!); wine cellar planter $76 @ anthropologie;

circle-etched pot, large $98; circle-etched pot, medium $68; both @ anthropologie;

lemon glaze pots $28-$38; mojave pot $28; both @ anthropologie;

great gardening books:

The City Gardener’s Handbook $19.95 ; Tabletop Gardens $27.50; both @ sprout home

give the birds reason to chirp:

Turquoise Gourd Bird Apartment $64.00; Light Kiwi Acorn Bird Apartment $64.00; both @ sprout home

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