By now, you have probably heard about Southwest Airlines passenger, Kyla Ebbert, who was reprimanded on her flight for wearing an “inappropriate” outfit on her flight out of San Diego to another hot climate. Kyla appeared on the Today show wearing the exact outfit she wore on her flight, and struck me instantly as a PG rated outfit.

Wearing a tank top, sweater, and short denim mini skirt, Kyla looked like a million other girls you see walking around airports these days in the summer. So why is Southwest making a big deal? I have no idea! Southwest has no posted guidelines as to what someone should wear on their flights. By the way, this is the same airline that issued hot pants & go go boots as uniforms to their flight attendants in the 1970s!

Oh my how times have changed! Another young, female passenger, Setara Qassim, who was flying for Tucson Arizona to Burbank, Ca, was also reprimanded my Southwest employees and asked to cover up or get off the plane all for wearing a low cut top. An outfit that I also don’t find offensive.

I find it all to be a bit ridiculous. If Southwest is going to threaten people to get off their planes for wearing what they deem to be inappropriate attire they should at the very least have the courtesy to inform their passengers of the standards they are using. After all, flying isn’t cheap these days. Last time I checked wearing less made it easier to get past security. I vote for us to go back to hot pants days…flying would be more entertaining to say the least!

Here is a video of Kyla Embert with her mother and attorney on the Today show discussing the issue:

Please note: I also think it is ridiculous that they think they have a case to sue the airline (however, they may have a case if she had been forced to deplane).

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  1. Brian in Mpls
    September 13, 2007 at 7:20 pm (10 years ago)

    They did the same thing to me apparently my halter top was not covering enough skin..

    I loved Lynda Whites comments on the subject on
    “If you wear provocative clothing, tattoos, or you smell of alcohol or cigarettes, who’s going to believe you?”

    Apparently people dressed like this are also liars