{photo taken of sophie peeking out of her makeshift “cave”}

Sophie is so funny in the mornings. She wakes up the same time everyday for her walk and then comes back, plays for a little while, and then goes back to bed. By the time she is ready for her nap, the lights have already been turned on and we are getting ready for work. Sophie will then burrow under the covers on the bed (messing the bed up in the process) and sleeps under a heap of blankets. Maybe she likes the dark, maybe she likes the quiet, or maybe she just doesn’t want to be found. Very often the boyfriend and I have to ask each other “Where’s Sophie” before realizing the heap of blankets is her. You think it would be obvious, but there are some days when she is quiet and you just know she is doing something naughty in the other room. Take today for instance, when I found her standing near my desk with dollar bills surrounding her!!! Apparently, she had been nosing around in my bag (or my pocket??) and found some cash. Believe me, it was a surprise to both of us that I actually had cash! I am currently attempting to piece together my shredded bills in hopes that the bodega down the street will accept them for coffee, so in the meantime I have enlisted Sophie to pick some doggy goods that she would like to spend those dollars on.

Urban Hound Dog Tees Price: $32 @ Bark Slope;

top: Kiehl’s Since 1851 Cuddly Coat Grooming Shampoo $16 @ Saks; travel dog spa gift set $18 @ Bark Slope; Kiehl’s Since 1851 Cuddly Coat Conditioning Rinse $16 @ Saks;
middle: Juicy Couture Velour Dog Bed $195 @ Nordstrom; Juicy Couture Sterling Silver Dog Tags $35 @ Saks; Juicy Couture Velour Dog Bed $195 @ Nordstrom;
Collins striped dog bowl $30 @ Kate Spade; Juicy Couture Terry Collar & Leash Set $75 @ Nordstrom; prince street dog bowl $30 @ Kate Spade;


Sophie is going {light} green (like john mayer!):

top: Hemp & Recycled Fleece Blanket By Earth Dog $96.00 @ Earth Doggy; Eco-Fleece Frog $12.99 (made out of recycled soda bottles!) @ Robbins Pet Care; Turtle (made out of recycled soda bottles!) $14.50 @ west paw design;
middle: Organic Plush Dog Bone Toys @ Purrfect Play; Cotton Candy Collar & Leash $16-18 @ Earth Doggy; Eco Nap M 28x20x3 $53.90 @ west paw design;
bottom:Organic Cotton Lizard Dog Toy (made of organic cotton) $12.49 @ Robbins Pet Care; Fuzzyard Organic Pet Shampoo & Conditioner; BioBag Dog Waste Bag $5.25 @ green feet;

Maggie the Caterpillar Organic Dog Toy $18 @ Bark Slope; Organic Ribbon Bed $168 @ Bark Slope;

{l to r, top to bottom}: All Natural Good Dog Treats – Apple Dumpling $9.49 @ Fun Stuff For Dogs; Organic Bacon & Parsley Dog Treats $7.39 @ Fun Stuff For Dogs; Biodegradable Cornstarch Bags – 100 ct $8.49 @ Fun Stuff For Dogs; Certified Organic Dog Toy – Large $15.99 @ Fun Stuff For Dogs

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