I had to share this sweet short stop motion film:

The Snowman Short from sosij on Vimeo.

I love it! We have had many snowmen erected in our neighborhood, only to be dismantled by snowmen vandals. When two little boys who had built a snowman outside our building found their creation dismantled they said, “Dad, someone has vandalized our snowman!” The dad chuckled and shrugged it off, but my beagle, Sophie, and I took it a bit more seriously (I think it has been well established how I feel about Snowman vandals.) We set out to solve the mystery and later found the culprit in action…a little girl (approx. age 8) who was screaming and punching and kicking what remained of the snowmen. After reporting our discoveries, my boyfriend maintained that had seen her kick around the snowman’s head like a soccer ball earlier that day. I was shocked, and was saddened because she had always seemed like a sweet girl. Now, I’m not so sure 🙂

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