Behnaz Sarafpour (pictured above) is the latest designer to “GO International” for Target, and items from the line will hit stores next month. I am eagerly awaiting this collection after being mildly disappointed with Paul & Joe’s line (or at least the quality & choice of fabrics in that line). It looks to be a dress centric line with lots of lace, brocade, and an overall feminine feel. It looks very high end, so I am excited about the prospects of getting my grubby paws on this level of design at target prices. I can’t wait to get my hands on the lace print weekender bag. I think it is absolutely adorable from the photos I have seen !!!

  • Taffeta Dress with Lace Waist in Plum $44.99 Long Gloves in Black $16.99;
  • Ribbed Tank with Rose in Black $14.99 Also available in Ivory Velvet Skirt in Black $29.99 Also available in Plum;
  • Cropped Tuxedo Jacket in Black $44.99 Silk Tank with Grosgrain Ribbon in Ivory $24.99 Also available in Plum;
  • Lace-Patch Skinny Denim Jeans in Black $34.99; Lace-Trim Cardigan in Ivory $29.99 Also available in Black;
  • Tee with Jewel Applique in Black $19.99 Also available in White Brocade Skirt in Granite $39.99 Brocade Clutch with Rose in Granite $16.99;
  • Taffeta Dress with Grosgrain Ribbon at Waist in Ivory $44.99

  • Twill Trench Coat in Black $49.99 Long-Sleeve Tuxedo Shirt in White $19.99 Lace-Print Duffle Bag $39.99 ;
  • Velvet Baby Doll Dress in Black with Ivory Satin Trim $39.99;
  • Ribbed Tank with Lace Detail in Black $14.99 Also available in Heather Gray;
  • Lace-Covered Tee in Green $16.99 Also available in White Lace-Trim Pants in Black $34.99;
  • Satin and Velvet Skirt in Black $39.99 Headband with Small Stones in Black $7.99 Also available in Black with Large Stones and Black/White Lace

Coming soon to a Target near you

2 Comments on Sneek Peak: Behnaz Sarafpour For Target

  1. Anonymous
    October 10, 2006 at 1:39 am (11 years ago)

    The retro-cool Audrey Hepburn commercials produced by clothing retailer Gap Inc. have produced a 3% slip in store sales for the month of September. The new report comes as no shock to this blogger.

    I’m not suprised as Gap chose the “skinny” black pants to promote their stores as American obesity becomes an ever increasing problem. Many women might have been turned off by the commercials and felt offended that they needed to buy “skinny” black pants as opposed to beautiful form fitting pants.

  2. melanienyc
    October 10, 2006 at 2:39 am (11 years ago)

    Wow, It isn’t too often that I get other people’s blog posts on my site under something completely unrelated, but hey instead of deleting this RANDOM comment(if it even qualifies as a comment) I choose to respond.

    The Gap has been on a long downward spiral, so a 3% drop in sales isn’t that surprising. The theory that this slump can be attributed to the promotion of a fashion icon and the black pants she made famous because of the obesity problem is this country is a little silly. First of all the black pants are available in sizes 0-16 in the store, and the skinny jean/pant has been spotted on women of all shapes and sizes. black is probably the most flattering way for someone that isn’t a size 0 to wear this trend! If anything this campaign was an attempt by gap to put life in their return to basics campaign. the problem is not the skinny pant, it is that their products need MORE life. they need more not less of these compaigns. Sure this particular commerical probably did turn off some people. the commercial is part annoying, part creepy, & part cool. you can’t say it was boring though, and before this campaign that is exactly what the fall gap line was.

    in the future please don’t just copy & paste your own blog posts, linking to them is welcomed, but honestly can you take 2 seconds to explain your reasoning for posting the link/comments????