this is a doodle i did on the train in my journal. i don’t normally sketch in my journal, but this was all i had on me paper wise so here it is. (i sketch frequently on the train, bumps and all, because i feel like i spend half my time on the train. if an idea pops into my head i’ll just sketch it wherever i am…) i had already finished my gas pump drawing for inspire me thursday, but i wanted to draw some decorative numbers just for fun.

i did the number 24, because well it is my age. i guess it is a self portrait of sorts because i did it with myself and sophie in mind. it fits that it is in my journal, because i started keeping this particular journal on the eve of my 24th birthday. maybe i’ll add more to it…color might be good.

i actually have plenty more sketches and doodles that i have done on the train that are way cuter than this…this particular one i did with a micron pen, but i usually use a 2H pencil which creates a very light sketch and is rather difficult to scan in.

maybe if you’re lucky i’ll post some more sketches later this week. 🙂 Posted by Picasa

1 Comment on sketch artist # 1~ a numeral doodle

  1. TaraMetBlog
    July 21, 2006 at 7:01 pm (11 years ago)

    That’s a pretty impressive doodle. When I’m bored I usually just sketch daisys and hearts and try to make decent symetrical stars, it all comes out looking sloppy tho.