Sienna Miller will be releasing a fashion line next year with her fashion designer sister, Savannah. The line will be named “Twenty8Twelve”, after Sienna’s birthdate December 28th. The name is unoriginal, and slightly unfortunate (umm, didn’t Beyonce just do the whole birthday thing with her album “B-day”?) , but I’d like to say that her line could be promising & interesting. It would certainly be great for her if she could translate her iconic style status into a successful design career, but she has a lot of work cut out for her. Sienna will also be starring in the upcoming, and highly anticipated film “Factory Girl”as Edie Sedgwick. (The film is due in theaters 12/29/06!)

Even after recent PR flubs (ie Pittsburgh, romantic life) , it seems her star is rising. One reason–she is stunningly beautiful. I love these two latest photo shoots, even if the respective interviews are eye-roll inducing. ( on second thought, there are few young celebrities that don’t get that type of reaction from me.–i don’t know if that makes it better or worse…in any event please see below!)

Sienna Miller in January 2007’s W Magazine:

and again on the cover of Jan 2007’s British Harper’s Bazaar!:

simply gorgeous!

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