Britney made a super secret appearance at the House of Blues in San Diego under the name “M+M’s” & sang 5 songs, ending with Toxic (naturally):

Baby One More Time (Remix)
I’m A Slave For You
Breathe One Me
Do Something

{photo via MTV}

Perez Hilton posted the videos & has some hot photos as well right here similar to the one above. I’ve been saying for a long time time that Britney will make a come back and it looks like it is happening for real! Britney looked really, REALLY good last night! Her body is looking fantastic–however she got it to look that way. This whole thing has gotten my Britney Comeback hopes to the ultimate high. I LOVE IT! I heard the rumors, but I was sure she was going to cancel. I am thrilled she pulled through! Good for her! The reports I’m reading is that the show was FANTASTIC. Toxic singing, Tristan Prettyman was even in attendance! This is TP’s take on Britney’s show last night:

“Britney Spears my little toxic bumble bee played at the House of Blues in San Diego tonight. My friend emailed me last week, saying she got tipped off that Brit Brit was playing a secret show there under the name M+M’s. I figured no freaking way, sure enough i looked it up and amazingly there were still tickets available…So i said, frickin what the hell, for 35 bucks, i want the toxic ness. There had been rumors that she was gonna cancel or not show up or this or that…but she was there, and she was looking HOT and smoking and dancing and wig whippin away, lip synching and hip synching everywhere and she ended with Toxic. I felt like a proud parent. I dont know if i ever was a britney fan or not, but i think i am now for sure. I am rootin for the girl, shes kinda of a train wreck, from what the press makes of her, but aren’t we all a little bit train wrecky and if we were her, woudnt we def be like a freaking amtrak gone haywire? I think so..Who knows what the real story is, and i doubt we will ever get the real story…but dammit for a sista who has 2 kids, she was looking sizzling, and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: she looked like she was having fun. She played a britney medley and then lap danced the hell out of some chair, and then invited some dude up out of the audience, who looked like he was a hypnotized puppy dog surrounded by her and her 4 back up dancers…and then she sang an new song in a very nice fur coat and then ended with toxic. Amen. It was worth it though…rock out Britney. I never seen so many papparazzi outside either, it was nuts…”{via}

I just love Ms. Prettyman’s blog posts! This take on Britney’s show has left me wanting more, moRE, MORE! I hate that I wasn’t there to witness the show first hand! I have read reports she is playing shows in Anaheim tonight, as well as the House of Blues on Sunset Strip on May 3rd. Britney come to NYC–I’ll be there!!!

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