My macbook is only a few months old, but last night while I was working on an art project I walked over to view an instant message with an open sharpie in hand. In doing so, I inadvertently marked on my white macbook. Sure, if I had purchased the black macbook I would have no problem but that would have been too easy right? The mark was less than a centimeter long, but against the white surface it might as well have looked like this:

I wanted to cry! I tried several things to get it off to no avail, so I asked for help! Several products were recommended to help remove (or cover up) the offending sharpie mark. They included idrops, goo gone, rubbing alcohol, a gone golfing sticker(not exactly my style), white out (very funny!!!), and Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

While I appreciated some of the more amusing recommendations, I opted to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I was amazed by the results…the mark disappeared along with all other smudges on my computer. The Macbook looks brand new! I will definitely be keeping these bad boys around to keep up the look of my macbook! It was definitely the best $5 I ever spent! As a preventive measure highly recommend this product to any macbook or ibook owner! Especially for owners who have kids. Whether it is play-doh grease or permanent marker Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser will white it out!

(image of scribbled laptop via new launches)

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