Fashionistas & beauty mavens everywhere are raving about the one look that never goes out of style: the smokey eye. That’s right ladies I would bet my last dollar that in 2050 women will walk out of their house wearing a black dress & smokey eyes and they will be a la mode! I have an endless supply of fantastic LBDs, so I sought to achieve the perfect Smokey Eye using Sephora’s Smokey Eye Brush set courtesy of Coutorture. The kit includes five brushes (wide smudge, all over shadow, small domed smudge, detail, and dual-sided brow brush and comb), volume mascara in black, and an instructional how-to card. The kit is packaged in a compact pewter faux leather case. The packaging is chic & adorable, judging from looks alone this is a great set! The instructions are simple, easy to follow, and gives you a general idea as to what shadows/products you should use as they must be purchased separately.
sephora smokey eye brush kit

I used the brushes & mascara that were included in the set, Smashbox eyeliner, NARS & MAC Eyeshadow & my trusty Shu Uemura eyelash curler to create my look. In the end I thought my look was on the subtle side, but you can see for yourself:

Testing The Sephora Smokey Eye Kit
Sephora Brand The Smokey Eye Kit ($71 Value) , $42

In the end, the brush set will give anyone the necessary tools to create the look and would be a fabulous gift for a teenager, your younger sister, or someone who just loves playing around at their vanity. However, I really didn’t like the mascara included. My main complaint was the mascara brush was too BIG which made it difficult to apply without messing up my smokey eye. I also had a minor problem with clumping, but the included brush corrected the problem. Additionally, the average girl may need to look elsewhere for additional instruction if they find the how-to card included with the brush set lacking. I recommend the below video of M.A.C. makeup artist Chantel Miller creating the smokey eye found on YouTube:

Sephora Brand The Smokey Eye Kit ($71 Value) , $42 will allow you to cross someone off your Christmas list though!

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    November 28, 2007 at 7:17 am (10 years ago)

    I could do a smoky eye with my bare pinky and a pot of kohl, but even I think that kit boss.