Urban Decay Haight Eyeshadow exclusively at Sephora for $17

Last week I stopped into Sephora to check out these new Urban Decay eye shadows. These shades are all really beautiful, rich, velvety shades with shimmer (no glitter). Going in I was most interested by Woodstock, but find that it is too intense for my eyes. Instead, I would love to see that shade in a gloss, lipstick, or blush. It is already a nail polish :). The blue/teal shades are fabulous, but personally I need another blue/teal eyeshadow like I need a hole in my head. Haight, at first glance, reminded me a bit of M.A.C.’s Birds & Berries shade (Liberty of London) but without the frosty shimmer. Dashiki could be Urban Decay’s Kiddie Pool’s kid sister…they are pretty similar. I couldn’t think of anything similar to Aquarius, and think it would be a great color to have in my collection. Psychedelic Sister was my least favorite shade, but this is probably because I love Urban Decay’s Flash so much that any other true purple is doomed to fall short. Free Love is probably the most appealing to me. Free Love is in the same color family as Urban Decay’s X eyeshadow only it is less gold and more peach. Because I have “X” and M.A.C.’s Melon Pigment I might skip on Free Love because sometimes similar is not worth an extra $17.
{top} Free Love (shimmery peach); Dashiki (bright blue with shimmer); Haight (dark teal with shimmer); $17 each @ Sephora.
{bottom}Aquarius (shimmery aqua green); Psychedelic Sister (bright purple); Woodstock (bright pink with a bit of shimmer); $17 each @ Sephora.
My final verdict is: Free Love and Woodstock are the best colors in the bunch. Buy Free Love only if you have nothing like it, and buy Woodstock if you can rock fuschia like no one’s business. And finally, the blue, teal, and purple shades aren’t anything to break a sweat over.

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