i have just started to keep a folder full of things i see that inspire me. my goal is to keep it organized. when i was living at home i would have these boxes and folders full of scraps, cards, magazine tear outs, photos, etc. that gave me inspiration and i would sift through it every time i was starting a new project. i stopped doing that largely due to clutter, but since starting this blog i have found so many interesting sites, artists, photographers, and just creative people in general that i have decided to keep a folder full of things that inspire me, but also catalog it electronically. Here are a few of the things I have already stored in my “Inspire Me” folder/catalog:
by minkoff:
fifth week;week 14 from the pages of minkoff’s 2006 Moleskine Pocket Diary (doesn’t make you want to start keeping your own collage diary!!??)
by minkoff:
by minkoff:
by sujean rim:

ballet water color (you may recognize sujean rim’s work from daily candy)
by missy muh @ arty farty:

collage “little friends” by missy muh

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