There is no denying that Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with. She is gorgeous, talented and has just released an album full of Tom Waits covers hence the reason why she is gracing the cover of NYLON magazine’s music issue. Aside from the shoes and the cool guitar I don’t love the cover shot, but the shot with her in the yellow shoes and the shots of her lying down won me over. As for her album, “Anywhere I lay my head”, I would categorize it as disappointing. Scarlett has an amazing voice (take a listen to her single Summertime if you don’t want to take my word for it), but her album simply doesn’t do it justice. While I wouldn’t be so harsh to say this is a karaoke effort–David Bowie is featured on the album(!) and Tom Waits has reportedly given his blessing, it is just not mind blowing (and a bit overhyped!). Nevertheless, the fact I don’t love her album doesn’t stop me from loving this feature of her, or her work as an actress! 🙂



Video of Scarlett forshadowing the tunes in Nylon’s music issue:

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