intriguing cocktail rings:

top: bubble ring; eggs in a basket ring; assia ring; marjorie cocktail ring; all available @ anthropologie

middle: claudette cocktail ring; frances cocktail ring; jeannie cocktail ring; hummingbird ring; all available @ anthropologie

bottom: emerald city ring; sunburst ring; music of the spheres ring ; gold geode ring; all available @ anthropologie

fabulous necklaces:

top: saturnalia necklace; dew drop bracelet (not a necklace, but fabulous all the same); mid-flight necklace ; all available @ anthropologie

middle: incantation necklace ; spinning spider necklace; padlock necklace ; all available @ anthropologie

bottom:viva necklace; locked necklace ; saturnalia necklace; all available @ anthropologie

statement pieces:

top: liquid bronze bangle; bamboo bangle; casting net earrings; all available @ anthropologie

middle: tanager earrings; lunar cycle earrings; raffia medallions; all available @ anthropologie

bottom: moonbeam bangles; startled flock bracelet; jupiter bangle; all available @ anthropologie

& fab finds from urban outfitters:

row 1: Layered Bubble Necklace $28.00; Multi Strand Rose Pendant Necklace $24.00; Double Bubble Necklace $18.00; Key To My Heart Necklace $16.00; Asymmetrical Chains with Charms Now $14.99 (Was $28.00); available at urban outfitters

row 2: Layered Lengths Choker $24.00; Lightning Strikes Twice Necklace Now $9.99 (Was $18.00); Triple Beach Bangles $20.00; Carved Flower Bangle $16.00; Striped Bangles $8.00; available at urban outfitters

row 3: Metal Floral Ring $16.00; Filigree Hoops $18.00; Metal Lace Teardrop Earrings $16.00; Angel Wing Earrings $16.00; Hammered Oval Earrings Now $9.99; available at urban outfitters

row 4: Bird In Flight Earrings $16.00; Metal Lace Heart Drops $18.00; Geo Hoops $20.00; Geo Disc Earrings $20.00; key charm earrings; available at urban outfitters

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