“Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak is one of my all time favorite children’s book. I have been anticipating his new pop up book since February

So, I was beyond thrilled when I spotted it on the shelf at my local bookstore. I must say, it does not disappoint. The artwork is fantastic. For christmas I gave my 2 year old nephew a very elaborate dinosaur pop-up book. I wasn’t sure how he would respond or treat the book, but I so impressed with how well he treated the books I gave him, not to mention how they captured his attention. He will hand you a book and make you read, and re-read books to him. I think it is absolutely adorable. I was very impressed with this. I know alot of little boys a lot older than he is that will not/can not sit still through a story book. I am not sure how he will respond to the monsters and mummy, it seems like it might be a little too “old” for him, and maybe a little scary. He likes “Where the Wild Things Are”, but seems to favor books about trains, trucks, dinosaurs, and other typical boy topics. I have no doubt that he would enjoy this book once he gets older though!!!

The book is available @ amazon.com for $16.47

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