My parents dog, Jules, passed away in her sleep last night. She was an old dog, but never quite gave up her puppy ways, so it really seems impossible that she won’t be waiting for me the next time I come home. She was always the first to slime me with dog hair and sloppy wet kisses and I loved her all the more for it. She hit me up for treats and walks more than any other person at the house (she could spot a sucker from a mile away). Together we would explore–going on adventures sometimes for hours! My sister and I have countless memories of her outside playing basketball (she would give Air Bud a run for his money I tell you!), jumping on the trampoline (she did everything we did), and chasing rabbits, squirrels, cats into the neighbors yard. She even jumped into the neighbors pool once, but thankfully my sister and all her lifeguard training was right behind her (fully clothed). It takes a special dog to give you a lifetime of love and laughter, so believe me when I tell you she was one-of-a-kind. Bearo will forever be in our hearts.

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