I’m 5’4, so nearly every pair of jeans I own need to be altered. This of course means that I have a stack (yep, a STACK) of jeans that are acceptable to wear with flats, and another stack that are meant to wear with heels due to their longer hem. If my fave denim calls for heels–my hot new gladiator sandals are out, and my feet may or may not have to suffer through the night. With these cute rivets and studs from “Hem Gems” I can wear heels with my jeans, throw my sandals in my bag, and do a quick switch when my feet can’t take another minute without damaging or permanently altering my jeans. Hem Gems are available in a classic rivet or pyramid stud in silver or gold. The pyramid studs are my favorite!
$19.99 each @ Hem Gems
Using Hem Gems is as simple as cuffing your jeans… three simple steps and you are ready to run!
Watch The Instructional Video:

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