Mitch Matthews & his wife Melissa developed a fun game of questions & converstation starters called “Q Friends” while on a business trip. The game consists of 54 to 56 questions and sells for $12.99! Next time you are with your friends or family try out this game, it is always fun and interesting to see how your friends and family answer…depending who you are with the game totally changes!!!
Q Friends is a great game for hosts & hostesses to have on hand, especially if your guests have never met one another previously!!! The game serves as an instant ice breaker!
For couples out there, the latest edition “Q Dates” was designed just for you, so whether it is a first date or you’ve been married for a bizzilion years it can be a lot of fun to see how your significant other responds to the questions!
Q Friends and Q Dates are both available online at for $12.99.
The Matthews are constently thinking up new questions, and have new editions of “Q” in the works such as “Q for Roadtrips”, “Q for Teens” and “Q for the Holidays”

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