Project Runway is well into its third episode and the entertainment levels are running on high. The design talent however has left much to be desired. The challenge this week was to create a menswear look for Today show correspondent, and former NFL star, Tiki Barber. Menswear is always a challenge for a handful of designers on the show as many of them are simply dress (or lingerie) obsessed. I’ve never seen Tiki Barber in anything but a superbly tailored suit, so I knew right off the bat people would struggle with at the very least tailoring & time.

Tiki Barber at judging with Nina Garcia

I knew tailoring & time would be major factors, but I didn’t anticipate that there would be so many abyssal failures!!! There were so many horrific designs that it was actually more of a competition as to who was going home. I guess the hot male models distracted them. If I were a judge I would have suggested that Bravo save everyone some time & trouble and send half the field home! Seriously, cut to the chase!

Auf’ed Designer:

Carmen was a complete & utter disappointment for me. I had high expectations for her, and she just failed to deliver. Her pants, jacket, & non-shirt was an embarrassment to everyone. What a JOKE! Apparently she freaked out when Tiki’s (adorable) wife told her her jacket looked like a Member’s Only jacket. Carmen then proceeded to try to “fix” her jacket (by cropping it?) and as a result she didn’t have enough time to even contemplate a shirt, so she decided to drape & tuck in fabric in a manner that was reminiscent of Borat’s bathing suit.
Obviously, she wasn’t out to impress anyone with this design, instead she went out on the runway with the white flag waving. She went home and rightfully so:

Carmen’s design

Challenge Winner:

Jack won the challenge with a pinstriped pants & shirt combo. He was supposed to create a 3 piece look but Tiki has an affinity for stripes so he overlooked that and chose Jack as the winner. There was some drama with Rami complaining that Jack disrobed (he is good at that) in order to use his shorts as a pattern for his pants, and then proceeded to share the pattern with other designers. I didn’t really understand what his problem was, I know designers in the past have done similar things. I mean, I would think people would be more pissed off if he refused to share his pattern! I thought Jack’s look was well tailored, but I generally don’t like when men wear striped shirts with striped pants. I also couldn’t get over the nude images of Jack either, but that is another story.

Jack’s design

Two other horrific designs came from Sweet P & Ricky, neither of which have a background in menswear. I was shocked that Sweet P has so much trouble making the shirt. It was awful. I was confused as to how she could be so off on her neck measurements! Also, her tie was ridiculously long. She totally lucked out, because any other time having a garment that poorly constructed would send you packing! Ricky designed a sloppy suit. He was overly ambitious for someone who normally designs lingerie. I almost DIED when he asked his models to sew buttons on the shirt! Having your model sew for you has to be a first!

left: Sweet P’s design right: Ricky’s design

Kit & Kevin both did a good job with the challenge. I actually really liked Kevin’s look but Seal (Heidi’s husband) & Tiki aren’t fans of purple, so he didn’t win, but I give him extra points for mixing things up on the runway. I actually though Kit should have won the challenge, despite the fact her design was relatively safe.

left: Kevin’s design right: Kit’s design

I really liked the jacket Christian designed (I guess jackets are his thing!). Chris totally lucked out that there were worse designs on the runway, because his was ridiculously awful. It looks like it could be the official uniform of a religious cult.

left: Christian’s design right: Chris’s design

Jillian did a great job with her design. It was probably the most formal/conservative of all of the designs, but I hated the shirt she designed. Victorya’s design scared me a bit. I don’t know what she was thinking with this. A white jacket is fine if you are in Miami or Cuba, but not so much on the Today show. The collar was also all wrong. She is also one of the lucky ones if you ask me.

left: Jillian’s design right: Victorya’s design

For all of Rami’s bragging (we get it, you can drape. do you want a medal?) his design kind of sucked. The tailoring was fine, but his look is a bit too casual and a bit too blah. It is the third episode and I’m already bored with him. Steven succeeded in designing something that matches his personality…stiff.

left: Rami’s design; right: Steven’s design

Elisa sent a simple vest & sweater down the runway. I couldn’t picture Tiki Barber wearing this ever, but it got her through to the next challenge. She was a little weird working with the male model, but other than that she was noticeably absent from the episode.

Elisa’s design

Check out the Video Recap, it illustrates what a horror show the runway was this episode!

Project Runway airs on Bravo Wendesdays 10pm EST

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